FAQ – Patch Drip Irrigation Tapes

1. Are your drip tapes sold by the meter?

Answer: Hello, thank you for inquiring about our company’s drip tape products. All our drip tapes are manufactured according to actual production standards, with 10 years of manufacturing experience. We never cut corners and guarantee that you will receive the specified length. Please feel confident in your purchase.

2. What are the different thickness options for your patch drip tapes?

Answer: Hello, thank you for your interest in our company’s drip tape products. Our 16mm patch drip tapes are available in three thickness options: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.4mm.

3. What are the spacing options for your 16mm drip tapes?

Answer: For our 16mm drip tapes:

  • 16*0.2mm (Thickness) with 100mm spacing
  • 16*0.2mm with 150mm spacing
  • 16*0.2mm with 200mm spacing
  • 16*0.2mm with 300mm spacing
  • 16*0.3mm with 100mm spacing
  • 16*0.3mm with 150mm spacing
  • 16*0.3mm with 200mm spacing
  • 16*0.3mm with 300mm spacing
  • 16*0.4mm with 100mm spacing
  • 16*0.4mm with 150mm spacing
  • 16*0.4mm with 200mm spacing
  • 16*0.4mm with 250mm spacing
  • 16*0.4mm with 300mm spacing
  • 16*0.4mm with 400mm spacing

4. Are you a manufacturer or a distributor?

Answer: Hello, we are Henan Lingyun Plastic Industry, a manufacturing company. All our products are manufactured in-house with 10 years of industry experience. We welcome everyone to visit our facility.

5. How is shipping cost calculated for patch drip tapes?

Answer: The shipping cost for drip tapes is determined based on the quantity ordered by the customer. Freight charges are calculated based on weight and volume, and logistics quotes are provided accordingly. (Alternatively, express delivery options are available.)

6. Drip irrigation tape production line workshop display:

Main Advantages of LYPLAST Patch Drip Tape:

  1. Uniform water dripping, stable water flow.
  2. Equipped with self-cleaning filter windows, excellent anti-clogging performance.
  3. Enhanced with anti-aging additives for long service life.
  4. Manufactured with premium-grade materials, featuring smooth and even inner and outer walls.
  5. Produced using advanced equipment and exquisite craftsmanship.

Patch drip tape is a sophisticated irrigation method that utilizes a low-pressure pipeline system to deliver water directly to the field. Through drip heads, nozzles, or drip tapes installed on the mainlines, water is dripped evenly and slowly into the soil near the crop roots. This ensures that the soil in the root zone of the crops remains consistently moist, making it an effective water-saving irrigation method in arid and water-deficient regions, with a water utilization rate of up to 95%.