Lay Flat Discharge Hose

Lay Flat Hose Pro, lay flat discharge hose, 2 inch flat hose

Lay flat discharge hoses are essential components in various industries and applications where the efficient transfer of fluids is required. Constructed from durable materials such as PVC or rubber, these hoses are designed to lay flat when not in use, allowing for compact storage and easy deployment. With their flexible and lightweight design, lay flat discharge hoses are ideal for use in agricultural irrigation, construction site dewatering, mining operations, and emergency flood control.

2 inch lay flat hose
2 inch 3inch lay flat hose
2 inch lay flat hose
lay flat discharge hose
lay flat discharge hose
2 inch lay flat hose
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Lay Flat Hose Pro represents an evolutionary leap beyond traditional PE woven lay flat hoses, engineered to deliver superior performance and durability. Crafted from premium polyethylene (PE) material utilizing cutting-edge reinforcement technology, this hose stands ready to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

lay flat discharge hose


  • Enhanced Durability: Lay Flat Hose Pro boasts reinforced construction, ensuring unparalleled durability and prolonged service life even in the most demanding environments.
  • Increased Pressure Rating: With its advanced design, Hose Pro offers a higher pressure rating compared to standard hoses, making it ideal for applications requiring elevated pressure levels.
  • Improved Flexibility: Despite its reinforced build, Lay Flat Hose Pro maintains exceptional flexibility, facilitating effortless handling, deployment, and installation.
  • Extended Service Life: Its enhanced resistance to abrasion and corrosion translates to an extended service life, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Versatile Applications: From agricultural irrigation to industrial fluid transportation, Hose Pro adapts seamlessly to a wide array of applications, providing versatile solutions tailored to different industries’ needs.


  • Agricultural Irrigation: Lay Flat Hose Pro serves as an essential tool in agricultural settings, facilitating efficient water distribution for crop irrigation. Its robust construction and high-pressure rating make it suitable for delivering water to fields, orchards, and vineyards, ensuring optimal plant growth and maximizing crop yields.
  • Construction Site Dewatering: In construction projects, Lay Flat Hose Pro excels at dewatering applications, efficiently removing excess water from excavation sites, foundations, and trenches. Its durability and flexibility allow for easy maneuvering around construction equipment and obstacles, aiding in maintaining a safe and dry work environment.
  • Mining Operations: Within the mining industry, Lay Flat Hose Pro plays a crucial role in dewatering mines and transporting abrasive slurry. Its reinforced construction withstands the harsh conditions encountered in mining operations, providing reliable performance in extracting water from underground workings and transporting mine tailings.
  • Industrial Fluid Transportation: Lay Flat Hose Pro finds extensive use in industrial facilities for transporting various fluids such as water, chemicals, and oils. Its high-pressure rating and resistance to abrasion and corrosion make it well-suited for transferring liquids between storage tanks, processing equipment, and distribution points, ensuring seamless operation in industrial processes.
  • Drainage: Lay Flat Hose Pro is employed for drainage applications in both residential and commercial settings. Whether it’s redirecting stormwater runoff, draining flooded areas, or managing wastewater, its flexibility and durability make it a versatile solution for maintaining proper drainage and preventing water damage to properties and infrastructure.

In agricultural settings, lay flat discharge hoses play a crucial role in distributing water for crop irrigation, providing a reliable and efficient means of delivering water to fields and orchards. In construction sites, these hoses are utilized for dewatering excavations, foundations, and trenches, helping to maintain a dry and safe working environment.

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In mining operations, lay flat discharge hoses are employed for dewatering mines and transporting slurry, contributing to efficient resource extraction and management. Additionally, these hoses are invaluable during emergency situations such as floods, where they can be quickly deployed to redirect water and mitigate damage to property and infrastructure. Overall, lay flat discharge hoses offer versatile solutions for fluid transfer needs across a wide range of industries and applications.