drip irrigation tapes

Considerations for Laying Drip Irrigation Tapes

Drip irrigation tapes are essential tools in water-saving irrigation technology—drip irrigation, which is widely used across China. To achieve optimal irrigation results, the following considerations should be taken into account when laying drip irrigation tapes:

  1. Prepare the Land: Prepare the land thoroughly by removing roots, stones, and weeds. Roots, stones, and weeds can easily puncture the drip irrigation tapes and cause water accumulation under the membrane, leading to a lens effect.
  2. Read Instructions Carefully: Operators should carefully read the instructions for each component and connect them accurately using precise equipment methods.
  3. Proper Orientation: When laying drip irrigation tapes, ensure that the labyrinth side (with raised embossing) faces upwards and is laid flat under the membrane. Do not lay them upside down or twist them.
  4. Avoid Damage: Once laid, be cautious of agricultural machinery and implements rolling over or colliding with the main and lateral pipes to prevent damage and reduce the service life.
  5. Mechanical Installation: If using mechanical laying, ensure that pulleys and rolling arrangements are equipped with bearings to ensure smooth rolling without pulling or stretching the drip irrigation tapes, which could cause distortion and affect the water flow.
  6. Shallow Embedding: During installation, drip irrigation tapes can be shallowly buried to prevent focal burns. Alternatively, a layer of soil, 1 millimeter thick, can be spread over the drip irrigation tapes or the membrane to prevent lens formation and burning.
  7. Supervision: After the drip irrigation system is installed, assign dedicated personnel to prevent unauthorized disassembly or manipulation of valves.
  8. Provide Water Timely: Once the system is installed, promptly supply water to the drip irrigation system to prevent exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, which accelerates aging of pipes and drip irrigation tapes.