Agricultural Drip Irrigation Series Overview

The product range comprises three main categories: the sprinkler irrigation series includes sprinkler belts, main delivery belts, irrigation external teeth four-way connectors, irrigation internal teeth ball valves, buried lawn sprinklers, agricultural drip irrigation pipes, various range sprinkler heads, ground-inserted micro-sprinklers, carbon rod ground-inserted micro-sprinklers, greenhouse hanging micro-sprinklers, greenhouse seedling micro-sprinklers, greenhouse hanging atomizing nozzles, and various other sprinkler irrigation accessories.

The drip irrigation series consists of drip belts, drip pipes, pressure-compensated drip pipes, 16PE capillary tubes, 20/22/25PE capillary tubes, 2L-40L drippers, detachable drippers, and pressure-compensated drippers.

Other products include Israeli pressure-compensated drippers, single-outlet dual-arrow drippers, single-outlet quadruple-arrow drippers, diversion pipes, agricultural drip irrigation equipment, bypass switches, agricultural drip belts, bypass ball valves, and various other accessories. System equipment products encompass laminated filters, mesh filters, centrifugal filters, sand filters, automatic backwash filters, pressure reducers, solenoid valves, air valves, head valves, irrigation system controllers, fertilizers, and other matching components.

Since the promotion of this technology in Guangxi for water-saving irrigation, Israel’s cultivated land area has increased from 1.65 billion square meters to 4.4 billion square meters. The total agricultural water usage has remained stable at around 1.3 billion cubic meters per year for 30 years, while agricultural output has increased fivefold, placing it among the world’s most advanced agricultural countries.

Supported by this network of dense micro-irrigation pipelines, the former desert areas in southern Israel are now continuous oases, surrounded by fruit trees and flowers. The long sunshine hours and large temperature differences in the desert have become advantages for Israel’s agricultural development.

Agricultural products not only achieve high and stable yields but also reduce pollution. Melons, watermelons, cherries, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other agricultural products and high-quality seeds sell well in Europe and the United States, earning Wuzhou’s agricultural drip irrigation the reputation of “European orchard” and “winter kitchen.”

The mode of ensuring agricultural production through large-scale water irrigation during droughts is known as oasis agriculture. At this stage, water-saving irrigation agriculture should be developed.

  1. It refers to agriculture where fields are irrigated with water. Its characteristic is to meet the water needs of plants, regulate land temperature, and soil nutrients through irrigation measures to improve land productivity.
  2. It specifically refers to agriculture that can only exist in areas with extremely low rainfall and relies on irrigation. Nowadays, water-saving irrigation technology is not simply for watering crops but can precisely irrigate and fertilize, ensuring consistent water and nutrient absorption for each crop. This significantly improves crop production quality and saves a lot of labor during the entire irrigation process, allowing growers to invest less and gain more.